Trees and timbers have always had an important role in my life. I love the organic rawness of a tree in its natural shape. I am always humbled by its beauty and strength and amazed at its versatility. As a past furniture/cabinetmaker, contractor and historic restorer I also have always enjoyed manipulating wood with hand and power tools to create the finished product, be it a table or an entire house.
We all live in a modern world where we all buy meats, produce and clothing and have little or no active part in the actual process of its manufacture or procurement. The same could be said of the dimensional wood, 2X4's, 2x6's, planks that we buy from Home Depot.  What was once a living-growing tree has been chopped up, milled into a host of possibilities. The pattern of the grain, the strength of the fibers, the heavy aroma of a freshly cut board, are all there to remind you of that once beautiful living spirit that is a tree.
The desire to search for the spirit of the trees has culminated in many of my sculptures. I hope to show the original tree with different touches of the artists hand in creating a look that works with that particular shape and species of wood, preserving the original, but adding another layer of thought to what was once there and still is.